PRG 420 Week 5 Final Assignment

PRG 420 Week 5 Final Assignment
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PRG 420 Week 5 Final Assignment Description

PRG 420 Week 5 Final Assignment

In the real world, an entire program is rarely written from scratch. It is very likely that there are classes or functions that already exist. The key to using these existing modules successfully depends on how modular the classes or functions are written.

In this Learning Team assignment, your mission is to take a section of one team member’s Week Four program and replace a similar section of another team member’s Week Four program.

Submit the following deliverables for this Learning Team assignment: 

A 700- to 1050-word paper describing the following:

 How the two programs were selected
 The process of identifying the classes or functions for replacement 
 The changes needed to make the final Java™ application program work correctly  

The final Java™ application program

Submit your program (java code) along with the screen shots for both positive (by providing valid data as input) and negative testing (by providing invalid data as input) in a MS Word document.


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